Import of Petrochemical Products

Import of Petrochemical Products

Chemical substances and materials play an integral role in the development and progress of mankind. These materials are used to manufacture products and create energy, and without them many processes would come to a halt. Certain chemical compounds are essential for manufacturing electronic devices and many other technologies. At the same time, these substances have adverse effects on the environment and human health if they’re improperly handled or exported. Countries are working to reduce the amount of harmful chemicals imported from foreign nations.

Many countries rely on exports for income. Manufacturers use a lot of chemicals when creating new products. In addition, a lot of countries export food to other nations to earn money. This has led to dangerous eating habits among foreign consumers who aren’t educated about what they’re consuming.

Due to the high demand for gas In winter, The Russian import of petrochemical products from Iran is set to increase, as Russia and Iran are finalizing a deal on the importation of natural gas from Iran. The deal could pave the way for Russian petrochemical companies to start importing Iranian petrochemical products, in addition to Iranian natural gas, for use in Russia.

Russia has enormous expertise in this field and has already shown a willingness to participate in such projects. In addition to natural gas, negotiations are being held between the parties on the exchange of petroleum products, and there are new developments in Iran’s export of petrochemical catalysts to Russia.

Iran may have up to 90 million barrels of crude and condensate (a light oil derivative of natural gas) stored on land in its territory, at sea, and in tanks in China, enough to add about 1 million barrels per day to the market for three months. By having a branch in Iran and locating our headquarter in the heart of Russia, Moscow, Tika Trade  Company has a wide range of experience in the import of petrochemical products from Iran and the neighboring countries into Russia. Tika Trade Company proudly announce that we have been importing chemical and petrochemical products such as PET, MEG, DEG… from the country of Iran to The Russian Federation.