Export of Fresh Meat

Export of Fresh Meat

All meats have characteristics called warmth and tenderness, the meats with the least warmth and tenderness are called cold. Animals that are more active, fatter and younger have warmer meat. Animal’s meat such as beef and veal is from the category of warm meat. Some people believe that beef is cold and not compatible with their temperament, beef is heavy but does not have a cold temperament. All red meats, including beef and veal, are warm, but their temperatures are different.

Red meat is one of the items that has a special place all over the world and is very popular, available in the food basket of most families. But the domestic production of this animal product does not meet the population of some countries. Therefore, some countries are forced to import meat from countries such as Russia.

Russia, having a cold and dry climate, has many livestock farms, and the livestock products of this country are exported to all over the world. The unique habitat conditions, the special diet of the region’s animals, the unique taste of the region’s meats, increase the demand for the export of hot meat from Russia to the whole world.

Due to Iran’s working and commercial relationship with Russia, there has always been import and export to Russia throughout history, which has made the work progress of the two countries and brought the relations closer together.

Tika Trading Company has an active trading company in Iran called “Hermes Trading and Development” which supports a huge part of the country’s foreign trade. Tika also has several livestock farms and slaughterhouses with the most up-to-date equipment in Russia. Being equipped with equipment and warehouses for meat storage made this company to export some of these products to Iran. Hot meat exported to Iran has the advantage of exclusive production of this product by Tika Trade company, it has the highest quality and freshness and has all the necessary permits.