In the heart of Iran, where the sun shines bright on fertile lands, we take pride in exporting top-notch fruits and vegetables that not only add flavor to kitchens worldwide but also contribute to economic growth, sustainability, and better livelihoods.


Our Diverse Range of Fruits and Vegetables

Colored Bell Peppers:

Offering a vibrant array of colors, our bell peppers are rich in flavor and nutrition, bringing diversity to kitchens globally. Imagine a rainbow on your plate! Our bell peppers come in many colors, each packed with flavor and good things for your health. They’re not just veggies; they’re a burst of diversity for kitchens everywhere.

Iceberg Lettuce:

Known for its crispness, our iceberg lettuce is a versatile addition to salads and wraps, enhancing meals with freshness.

Onion, Carrot, Garlic:

Essential kitchen ingredients, our onions, carrots, and garlic provide the base for countless recipes, adding flavor to dishes around the world.

Cabbage and Berkeley Cabbage:

From traditional cabbage to the distinct Berkeley variety, our cabbages offer unique flavors and nutritional benefits.

Economic Impact of Our Initiatives

Beyond delivering quality produce, our export initiatives stimulate economic growth. By connecting Iranian farmers with global markets, we create opportunities for sustainable livelihoods and contribute to the prosperity of local economies.


Sustainable Farming Practices

We’re committed to sustainable farming, using water-efficient irrigation and eco-friendly packaging to ensure a positive impact on the environment and future generations.


Local Empowerment Through Global Trade

Our fair trade practices uplift local farmers and communities, fostering a positive chain reaction that resonates globally and empowers those involved in the production process.


Quality, Sustainability, and Collaboration

As we export the best vegetables, including colored bell peppers, iceberg lettuce, onion, carrot, garlic, orange, cabbage, and Berkeley cabbage, we invite you to join us in celebrating the impact of quality, sustainability, and global collaboration. Each shipment carries more than produce; it represents a commitment to a better, more connected world.

Tika Trading Company: Bringing Freshness to Russia

Behind these delectable fruits and vegetables reaching your tables in Russia is the dedicated effort of Tika Trading Company. As the bridge between Iran’s fertile fields and Russian kitchens, Tika Trading ensures the timely import of these quality produce, making it a pioneer in connecting nations through the joy of fresh, flavorful, and sustainable food. Join us in savoring the taste of this cross-cultural collaboration, where Tika Trading Company stands as the ambassador of freshness and quality from Iran to Russia.


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